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If you have been given a link to this list by your teacher, then these supplies will be good for your oil painting class!  

Suggested Materials List:

(Most listed materials are available by discount through Dick Blick.  Some external links below may be affiliate links.  We encourage you to do your research since prices in different stores change often.  At the time of posting this list, the links go to reasonably priced options, currently available.

  • Standard Size Fredrix Pre-stretched Canvases – these are provided in class.
  • You will need 2 painting palette knives with angled handles, a small and a medium. (You may borrow some in class to decide what size you would want to purchase.)

Oil Paint Brushes:

Robert Simmons, Signet Series: Filberts, Sizes 2, 4, 6, and 10 are suggested. These are natural bristle, long-handle brushes. Particular to landscape work: a collection of flats is also recommended. (size 8 is standard for Landscape Painting.). Ask for information about Rosemary Brushes to order, also Robert Simmons Titanium Series is very nice to work with.

*Rosemary Artist Brushes are a favorite of most students. Also, Robert Simmons Signet Series NATURAL Brushes are the workhorse brushes used in most underpainting.

Oil Paint Colors:

The below are suggested, but you will not require all.

At the start of each new painting, we work to establish a strong composition by composing a monochromatic charcoal drawing. This is used to then block in an underpainting where you will be using only one Earth Color plus black and white. Try to simplify your image using a few large geometric shapes, and assign each a value. Keeping it SOFT and FLAT.


GEORGIAN Daler-Rowney, Winsor Newton, GAMBLIN, Sennelier.
*Avoid Grumbacher and cheaper varieties.

Ordering online through can lower your costs as they are often greatly discounted.


Titanium White

Ivory Black

Earth Colors:

Raw Umber

Raw Sienna

Burnt Sienna

Burnt Umber

Warm Colors:

Yellows: Cadmium Yellow Pale, Cadmium Yellow Deep, Yellow Ochre Pale

Reds: Cadmium Red Light (Red Orange). Cadmium Red Deep, Magenta* or Alizarin Crimson (cool red)

Orange: Cadmium Orange

Cool Colors:

Greens: Yellow Green, Prussian Green, Terre Verte, Sap Green

Blues: Cerulean, Cobalt, Ultramarine, Prussian or Phthalo Blue

Dioxazine Purple

Other Supplies:

Palette Box, MASTERSONʼS, plastic box, 12”x 16”, available at AC Moore and Michealʼs, and Arleneʼs Artist Materials (in Albany).

Palette paper of the same size is available in the classroom.

Painting apron. Any chefʼs apron will do.*Oil paint is not forgiving, dress to work in the Studio.

Optional Supplies:

Indigo (for nocturnes)
Phthalo Green
Transparent Red Oxide (Rembrandt)
Transparent Orange (Gamblin)
Old Holland Blue Violet ( a true Blue Violet) OR Dioxazine Purple
Cobalt Violet (a red Violet)

Brush Cleaner for at-home use: Natural Turpenoid or Citra-Solve Cleaner. (Brush Cleaners are always provided in class, as well as brush soap, paper towels, and vinyl gloves.

Oil Painting Medium:
Gamblin Walnut Alkyd (faster drying), Neo Meglyp (slow drying). (Walnut Alkyd is provided in class.)


If in doubt about the brush, palette knife, or paint purchases please consult with me at the first class meeting. There will be an opportunity to discuss the merits and disadvantages of certain materials at that time.

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