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PUBLIC ART @ The Hoosick Street Underpass

Uniting Line 2023-2024

The City of Troy, The Arts Center of the Capital Region, TAP, Inc., and Collar Works collaborated to select regional artists for The Uniting Line Underpass Mural Project.  They transformed the underpass area of the Hoosick Street Bridge (Rt.7) in Troy, NY, by painting murals on the cement pillars between the areas of River Street and 6th Avenue.



In the late ‘70s, New York State demolished nine blocks of a commercial district and hundreds of residences to build the Hoosick Street Bridge. Hoosick Street is now a dividing line. To the South is downtown Troy, a historic Victorian commercial district. North of the bridge are North and North Central Troy, our historically most disinvested neighborhoods, where activists and community organizations are working to foster livable, walkable, and affordable communities.

The Uniting Line Underpass Mural coincides with neighborhood improvement plans and city initiatives focusing on North Central Troy, NY in cooperation with the City of Troy, NYSDOT, and community stakeholders.

The Uniting Line collaboration is leading efforts to revitalize and beautify an underutilized public space, making contemporary art accessible to audiences of all ages and backgrounds. By focusing on the Hoosick Street Bridge underpass between River Street and 6th Avenue, the Uniting Line Underpass Mural bridges the gap, and enhances an area in transition by creating an attractive gateway between neighborhoods divided by the bridge’s existence.


“The Uniting Line is an innovative opportunity for an artist to envision how the surfaces of the bridge’s concrete pillars can be transformed into an uplifting visual design that aims to brighten and unite the community. The Uniting Line is looking for an artist or artistic team who is willing to work with the community to further develop their ideas for the artwork and space.


The Uniting Line project is looking for conceptual designs that are “warm, “inviting,” “uplifting” and “bright.” These key themes came directly from the community through public surveys administered in North Central Troy near the Hoosick Street Bridge. Given the spirit of the project as a gateway that reunites neighborhoods divided by the bridge, we encourage artists to understand the important history of the area and its neighborhoods together with the vital natural resource of the Hudson River nearby.”


Regional Artists are defined as artists who live within the core Capital Region counties of Albany, Columbia, Greene, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Schenectady, Washington, and Warren counties.




Adam Frelin, Empty Signs

Donna’s Italian Restaurant, Broadway & Franklin Alley 


Adam Frelin (he/him) installed a cluster of whimsical signs in various shapes and colors whose lights will dance in a choreographed sequence. 

For Troy Glo’s signature project, artist Adam Frelin conceived a large project composed of eight large signs of various shapes and primary colors, installed at the corner of a prominent building on Broadway and Franklin Alley.

Importantly, the signs contain no text but are “empty” colors and shapes. Half of the signs face north/south and half face east/west, so the artwork is visible from all surrounding blocks including Franklin Alley and Monument Square.

Each sign is lit with a gentle, colored light and turns on/off and dims/brightens in a pattern created by a professional musician with experience in creating cinematic scores. Empty Signs provides visitors and passersby with a meditative and choreographed visual experience on what is a usually busy and cacophonous part of downtown the city.

While most signage individuals encounter in the urban environment are either trying to sell something or give directions, Empty Signs will do the opposite: it will invite viewers to enjoy the moment and to be fully present.  Instagram: @adamfrelin


The following organizations and locations participated in Troy Glow:

Troy Savings Bank Music Hall. 30 2nd St.
Lit the sidewalk in front of their entrance with an art installation designed by their in-house creative team.

TAP, INC. 210 River St.
Lit their storefront windows with an art installation designed by their in-house architectural team.

Tech Valley Center of Gravity. 30 3rd St.
Will be showcasing the work of TVCOG member Jerry Huang, who just completed a term as our Maker-in-Residence. He will be adapting the Arduino-controlled LED mirror panel design used for his residency into a window installation.

Hart Cluett Museum. 57 2nd St.
Worked with local artist and filmmaker Nicole Van Slyke to light their façade/windows.

Vicina – Modern Urban Flats. 100 Congress St. (viewable from 4th and Congress Streets)
Showcased artist installations by artists Mollie McKinley and Erika deVries in their large picture windows on 4th Street.

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. 58 3rd St.
Temporarily lit two of their famed Tiffany stained glass windows which are usually only viewable from inside the church.

lightexture 2 3rd St.
Shop owners Yael Erel and Avner Ben-Natan (Troy Glow commissioned artists), also created a storefront installation featuring prototypes and technology related to their “Reflecting on Troy” installation.

RPI. Arts Center Foyer and Faculty/Student Gallery 265 River St.
Architecture students in Troy Glow artist, and RPI professor, Yael Erel’s Projecting Light class will showcase their lighting design installations in The Art’s Center’s Foyer and Faculty/Student galleries.

Artists: Christiana Bevilacqua, Christopher Yip, Rebecca Victori, Joseph Pelton, Daniel Cureno, Morgan Palacios, Darnell Clement, Oliver Ma, Qingyang Xu, Yishu Yu


Troy Glow was presented by the Arts Center of the Capital Region, in partnership with ______. The project was also made possible through support from sponsor ______ and individual friends of the project.

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