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Coleen Skiff Colleen has a BFA in fine arts and education (Wilkes University), MA in art education (University of Scranton), and certificates in art therapy (Marywood University) and educational administration (Massachusetts of Liberal Arts). Primarily a painter (oil, watercolor) of portraits and landscapes for many years, Colleen has spent the last 25 years focusing on learning as much about clay as possible to bring interesting project ideas to her students and to expand her own artistic expression. She has a strong interest in alternative firings (wood, raku, saggar, soda and salt) primarily with cone 6 and 10 firings trying every combination of glazes she can think of to produce interesting effects. She is also currently adding hand-painted images to her clay forms. Upon retiring from teaching in public school, Colleen realized that she really missed being with students and sharing her knowledge.

Colleen teaches various adult and teen classes & workshops and hosts Crafty Hours.

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