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Deborah Bayly Painting is a passion of mine. Especially Plein Air.
Why Plein Air? Because there is nothing more exciting than to paint from nature…on site…to really let an image speak to you. It requires you to work quickly, to get down to the essence of the subject.
Painting the landscape involves all the senses. Burchfield can allow you to feel the temperature of the day through his images…the heat, the cold, the wind of the impending storm. The experience of first-hand observation is so necessary for one’s personal narrative.
I prefer using oils, and painting on linen, canvas, or birch panels.
The greatest advice I have ever received: “When the muse comes knocking make sure the door is open. It’s only through working every day that progress is made.”
I think it’s important to make yourself vulnerable to the ambiguity of not knowing….the fantasy that your work will be seen…even felt.

The Muse is the guiding genius of the creative process, whether real or imagined. Place trust in the process.

Creative expression ideally should be free of expectation. Making oneself vulnerable to the ambiguity of not knowing.

Will the work be seen, even felt by another? Ideas come out of the process, the act of doing the work itself.

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