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Mallory Zondag is a Mixed Media Fiber artist and artist educator. Her work explores our tenuous relationship with the continuous growth and decay of the natural world and humanity’s place within those cycles using hand felted wool, wax, fibers, fabrics and objects both found and recycled. Our collective fascination and repulsion towards natural processes, from blooming flowers to blooming molds, pushes her to sculpt moments of grotesque beauty, investigating this duality through the meditative and hands-on practices of wet felting, weaving, sculpting and stitching.
Her work has been exhibited in both solo and group shows nationally and internationally. She has been an Artist In Residence at Acadia National Park The, The Allentown Art Museum, The Wassaic Project, and many schools and community organizations. During many of these residencies, she has led community art programs where felted wool living walls are collaboratively created with students of all ages and abilities.

She was commissioned to create the sensory space for Artsquest’s Accessible Arts program in and was commissioned to recreate a component of one of Amalia Mesa-Bains’s installations for her retrospective at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive.

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